20+ Best Ugly Christmas Sweaters for Cats (2021)

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Are you looking for ugly Christmas sweater options for Fluffy that are so bad they’re actually good? You’ve come to the right place! Check out our top picks for the best ugly Christmas sweaters for cats below!

20+ Best Ugly Christmas Sweaters for Cats

20+ Best Ugly Christmas Sweaters for Cats

From tacky reindeer and snowmen to pompoms, sequins, faux fur, and more check out 20+ ugly Christmas sweaters for cats below, oh and, Meowy Christmas!

Bobibi Santa Clause
Cat Sweater

Frisco String Lights Christmas Sweater

Kooltail Snowman
Cat Sweater

Flip Sequin Joy
Cat Sweater

Frisco Reindeer Cat Christmas Sweater

Fair Isle Dog and Cat Sweater in Red

Frienda Christmas Sweater 2 Pack

Frisco ‘Bite Me’ Cat Christmas Sweater

Hylyun Cat Christmas Sweater 2 Pack

Reindeer Holiday
Pet Sweater

Vehomy Pet Reindeer Christmas Sweater

Ounona Striped Christmas Pet Sweater

Donald Duck “Bah Hambug” Cat Sweater

Striped Reindeer Christmas Cat Sweater

Marvel’s Spiderman
Cat Sweater

Frisco Christmas Tree
Cat Sweater

Baggucor Reindeer 
Pet Sweater

Striped Reindeer Pet Christmas Sweater

Sybill Minnie Boutique Christmas Sweater

Polar Bear Cat Sweater in Blue

Sybill Minnie Boutique Christmas Sweater

Snowman Holiday
Pet Sweater

Kitipcoo Faux Fur
Cat Sweater

Christmas Penguin
Pet Sweater

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