10+ Cat Tree Options With a Clear Bowl (For A+ Toe Bean Viewing!)

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Cats love to sleep in weird places and positions, and what better way for us to get a front-row seat and 360-view of their weirdness in action (and a peep at those adorable toe beans!) than with a clear bowl, space-capsule style cat bed! Not only are they super cute, but cats seem to love them! Check out 10+ cute cat tree options with a clear bowl space capsule-style cat bed built-in below!

ABOVE: Milo Modern Cat Tree via Tuft & Paw

10+ Cute Cat Tree Options With A Clear Bowl

ABOVE: Tucker Murphy Pet Tavion Multi-level Cat Tree via Wayfair
(Also available via Amazon)

ABOVE: Castle and Slide Cat Tree via Happy & Polly

ABOVE: Milo Modern Cat Tree via Tuft & Paw

ABOVE: Crown Cat Tree via Happy & Polly

ABOVE: Observation Tower Cat Tree via Happy & Polly

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