10+ Modern Cat Tree with Feeding Station Options

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Are you looking for a modern cat tree with a feeding station that’s built in? This post is for you! From traditional freestanding cat trees to wall-mountable options, check out 10+ modern cat tree options with feeding stations built in below!

Freestanding Modern Cat Trees with a Feeding Station Built In

In addition to the sleek modern minimalist cat tree pictured above from Sprichic, check out even more modern freestanding cat tree options with a feeding station built in below;

ABOVE: Heybly Cat Tree Tower/Condo with Feeding Bowl via Amazon (3 colors available)

Wall-Mounted Cat Trees with a Feeding Station + Wall-Mounted Feeding Shelves

If budget permits (and your cat/s love to climb!), a wall-mounted cat tree with a dedicated feeding station shelf is another great option – alternatively, many cat wall climbing systems are also modular, meaning that you can usually buy a wall-mountable feeding station shelf on its own if that’s your preference – check out some of our faves below;

ABOVE: Cat Feeder Lounge Shelf with Hammock via CatastrophiCreations (Etsy)

ABOVE: Cat Wall Mounted Treat Shelf via BigPurr (Etsy)

10+ Modern Cat Tree with Feeding Station Options - feat. Modern Wall Cat Tree Tower + Feeder Shelf via CatsMood (Etsy)

ABOVE: Modern Wall Cat Tree Tower + Feeder Shelf via CatsMood (Etsy)

Other Options to Consider

For DIY pet parents that are handy with tools, you may like to consider attaching a bowl (like the 2 pictured directly below), to your existing cat tree. Simply screw or bolt the bowl bracket to a cat tree limb or condo side to create a DIY feeding station.

Alternatively, if you already own a wooden (not fabric) cat tree with a suitably sized spare platform, you could turn it into a feeding station using non-skid bowls like the ones pictured below from Messy Cats and STAYbowl.

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10+ Modern Cat Trees with Feeding Stations

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