20+ Modern Cat Trees That Look Like Furniture

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Cat trees are a necessity when living with indoor cats, not only do they provide a safe and dedicated outlet for your cat to scratch, climb and play, but they also offer your cat a safe place to perch, snooze and hide too, making them a great source of environmental enrichment.

When deciding on a cat tree that is right for you, the options are truly endless, ranging from carpeted and kitschy (and down-right ugly!) to sleek, chic, and modern. If you’re on the hunt for the latter, this post is for you! Check out 20+ attractive, modern cat trees that look like furniture below.

20+ Modern Cat Trees That Look Like Furniture

ABOVE: Grove Cat Tower via Tuft and Paw
(2 colors and sizes available)

ABOVE: Happystack Cat Tree or Condo via Wayfair

ABOVE: Cactus Cat Tree via RiverNCats (Etsy)

ABOVE: Modern Cat Tree Tower
via BUDApetsSpace (Etsy)

ABOVE: Sprout Cat Tower via Tuft and Paw
(2 colors available)

ABOVE: Petguin Modern Cat Tree Tower via Petguin (Etsy)

ABOVE: Modern Cat Tree Perch via CatPlayFurniture (Etsy)

ABOVE: Cat Climbing Adjustable Tower via GiftopiaStore (Etsy)

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15+ Stylish Modern Cat Trees That Look Like Furniture - feat. brands such as Tucker Murphy Pet, Tuft and Paw, The Refined Feline, Happystack, Archie and Oscar and More!

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