10+ Cute Easter Basket Gift Ideas for Cats

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Looking for cute Easter basket gift ideas for cats? This post is for you! From ready-made gift baskets to Easter-themed cat toys, treats, accessories and more, check out 10+ cute Easter basket gift ideas for cats below!

10+ Cute Easter Basket Gift Ideas for Cats - Photo by ©Asurobson via Canva.com

Photo by ©Asurobson via Canva.com

Ready-Made Easter Basket for Cats

Looking for a ready-made Easter basket gift option for your cat? Chewy has got you covered with their adorable Springtime Goody Box for cats!


Springtime Goody Box for Cats

Makes an excellent Easter gift for your bunny-loving feline! Includes a pop-up play tent, Spring-themed plush toys, and three packs of tasty kitty treats.

Image: Chewy

Easter-Themed Cat Toys

Photo via Miso Handmade (Etsy) feat. Bunny Babies Organic Catnip Cat Toys

If you’re planning on creating your own Easter basket from scratch, check out these cute Easter-themed cat toys that could go inside!


Easter Egg Toys for Cats

Each toy is handmade with felt and filled with silvervine and USA-grown catnip for maximum Easter time fun! Comes in a pack of 3.

Image: Sushi Cat Style

Play N Squeak Bunny Catnip Toy


Play-N-Squeak Bunny Catnip Cat Toy

With an enticing catnip scent, this cute interactive cat toy encourages physical play and mental stimulation by appealing to your cat’s natural instincts.

Image: Our Pets


Frisco Easter Bunny & Chick Kicker Cat Toys

These cute Easter-themed cat toys are infused with catnip and crinkle paper to provide cats with the daily exercise and mental stimulation they need.

Image: Frisco/Chewy


Frisco Carrot Plush Catnip Cat Toys

A fun Springtime trio of plush carrot-shaped catnip toys perfect for your cat’s Easter gift basket.

Image: Frisco/Chewy

OurPets Carrot Catnip Cat Toy


OurPets Catnip Filled Carrot Cat Toy

An interactive cat toy filled with 100% North American-grown cosmic catnip for hours of playtime fun. 7 cute styles to choose from.

Image: OurPets

FAT CAT Fluff Bunnies Catnip Toys


Fluff Bunnies Catnip Cat Kicker Toy

Contains United States ‘Zoom Around the Room‘ high-test organic catnip for maximum zoomies and fun. 2 colors available.

Image: PetMate/FAT CAT

Easter Cat Beds and Baskets

Photo via Sunny Baskets NL (Etsy) feat. Chunky Yarn Handmade Cat Basket

When choosing a gift basket for your Easter cat treats and goodies, why not use a kitty basket bed instead? That way, when Easter is done, they’ll have a cute new basket bed to use! 

Rabbit Shaped Cat Bed


Rabbit-Shaped Cave Cat bed

Cute and cozy, this adorable Easter-themed rabbit-shaped indoor cat bed cave is available in 2 colors and 3 sizes.

Image: Garlifden


Chicken Coop Cat Bed

Another cute and cozy Spring-themed cat bed perfect for Easter time!

Image: Happy and Polly

FUKUMARI Cat Basket Bed


FUKUMARU Basket Cat Bed

Use this cute cat bed basket to hold your cat’s Easter gifts at Easter time, then turn it into a cozy cat bed when they’re done!


DaysU Soft Rabbit Blanket


DaysU Plush Flannel Bunny Blanket

A snuggly addition to your cat’s Easter gift basket, this Spring-themed bunny blanket is the perfect size for your pet.

Image: DaysU

Wearable Easter-Themed Cat Accessories

Perfect for photos and celebrations alike, check out these cute wearable Easter-themed accessories for cats.

XIMISHOP Rabbit Ears for Cats


Bunny Ears for Cats

Perfect for an Easter-themed photo opportunity with your cat! Suitable for cats and small dogs.


Easter Kitten Cat Collars


Easter Bow Tie Cat Collars (2 pk)

Cute Easter-themed adjustable breakaway cat collar 2 pack, with 2 patterns to choose from.

Image: Pohshido

Edible Easter-Themed Cat Treats

And finally, what Easter gift basket is complete without a tasty treat or two?!


SmartCat Kitty's Garden

This healthy, edible cat grass from SmartCat is physically and mentally enriching for your kitty, and perfect for Spring!

Image: SmartCat


Tiny Tiger Filled Cat Treats

A tasty edible Easter treat for your cat – available in catnip, chicken, and tuna flavors.

Image: Tiny Tiger