5 Fresh Cat Food Delivery Brands – All-Natural Fresh Pet Food Options for Fluffy

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Are you looking to switch your cat over to an all-natural, lightly cooked fresh food diet? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Today we’ll be taking a look at the benefits of a lightly cooked fresh food diet for cats as well as 5 fresh cat food delivery brands that do all of the hard work for you!

Fresh Cat Food Delivery Brands – All-Natural Fresh Pet Food Options for Fluffy - Photo by ©Denis Valakhanovich via Canva.com

Photo by ©Denis Valakhanovich via Canva.com

Fresh Food Benefits for Cats

Some of the benefits associated with feeding your cat an all-natural, fresh, lightly cooked whole foods diet include (but aren’t limited to);

  • Improved digestion and weight management
  • Healthier litter box habits, including less poop and odor
  • Better urinary health (due to its high moisture content)
  • Healthier skin and coat, with less shedding and fewer hairballs
  • Increased energy levels
  • Improved eyesight

Fresh Cat Food Delivery Brands

For lightly cooked, fresh cat food brands delivered to your door, check out the following all-natural, preservative-free options.


Image via Nom Nom

About Nom Nom:

Nom Nom delivers real, fresh meals for dogs and cats of all ages. Meals are formulated by Nom Nom’s Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionist® Dr. Justin Shmalberg, individually portioned to meet your pet’s health goals, and delivered to your door, cold and ready to serve.

Nom Nom Recipes:

Nom Nom currently offers one fresh food recipe for cats, Chicken Cuisine.

All Nom Nom recipes are made with a short list of healthy, all-natural, restaurant-quality ingredients and prepared in Nom Nom’s owned-and-operated, FDA-compliant production facilities in California and Nashville, Tennessee. Healthy treats and supplements are also available.

Nom Nom Pricing:

Food starts at around $20/week, with the price calculated based on each pet’s breed, age, weight, activity level, and unique health goals.

Discounts for multi-pet families are also available, as well as a special, limited-time offer of 50% off your first order (via the below link).

Sample packs are also available for your convenience without a subscription.

1. JUST FOOD FOR CATS (via Just Food for Dogs)

Image via Just Food for Dogs (Facebook)

About Just Food for Cats:

Just Food for Cats offers fresh, healthy, vet-formulated meals for cats (and dogs) direct to your door. Made in the USA from locally sourced whole-food ingredients, Just Food for Cats meals are optimally cooked and frozen fresh to maintain nutritional integrity.

Just Food for Cats Recipes:

Just Food for Cats currently offers one whole-food fresh frozen recipe for cats, JustCats Fish & Chicken. Salmon Bark Treats for Cats are also available.

Just Food for Cats Pricing:

18 oz meal pouches cost $11.95/pouch*. Additional discounts are available when selecting the auto-ship delivery method.


Smalls Fresh Cat Food Delivery Service, image via Smalls

Image via Smalls

About Smalls:

Smalls makes fresh, high-protein, human-grade food for cats. All ingredients used are USDA-certified, humanely harvested, and sustainably sourced, and contain no BPAs, preservatives, fillers, or mystery ingredients.

Smalls Recipes:

Smalls human-grade, fresh meals for cats are available in 3 proteins and 2 textures (Smooth and Ground), they include Bird (chicken recipe), Other Bird (turkey recipe), and Cow (beef recipe).

Freeze-dried raw food for cats is also available.

Smalls Pricing:

Smalls sampler box meals cost less than $1.50/meal*, and include a 25% sampler discount (total cost for the sample box is $33.75*), while fresh food plans start at $1.93/meal*.


Images via Raised Right

About Raised Right:

Raised Right offers home-cooked, fresh, nutritionally balanced, and complete human-grade meals for dogs and cats that are both vet-formulated and recommended. All Raised Right recipes are low carb with minimal, traceable ingredients and contain absolutely no fillers.

Raised Right Recipes:

Raised Right currently offers two whole food, fresh recipes for cats, Turkey Adult Cat and Chicken Adult Cat.

All Raised Right meals are lab tested for safety and are formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Cat Food Nutrient Profiles for maintenance.

Raised Right Pricing:

Raised Right meals can be purchased via subscription or as a once-off purchase. Each Raised Right meal box contains 16x 1 lb bags which cost $9.99/bag*. Smaller sample boxes of 4 bags are also available. Full boxes (of 16 bags) ship free.

4. THE HONEST KITCHEN (delivery via Amazon)

The Honest Kitchen via Amazon

Images via The Honest Kitchen

About The Honest Kitchen:

The Honest Kitchen specializes in human-grade, healthy, complete, and balanced food for dogs and cats. Made in the USA, in human food facilities, The Honest Kitchen cat food contains only high-quality all-natural ingredients and absolutely no animal by-products, fillers, additives, preservatives, or GMOs. It also comes dehydrated for easy, and convenient storage.

The Honest Kitchen Recipes:

The Honest Kitchen cat food is available in two grain-free recipes, Grain-Free Chicken, and Grain-Free Turkey.

The Honest Kitchen Pricing:

2 lb bags (which make 6 lbs when rehydrated) are available from $24.99/bag* via Amazon. Or you can subscribe and save up to 15%.

5. FRESHPET (delivery via Chewy)

Image via Freshpet

About Freshpet:

Freshpet offers gently cooked, complete, and balanced meal options for cats and dogs of all ages. Made in the USA, Freshpet recipes contain verified non-GMO, all-natural ingredients and contain absolutely no animal by-products or chemical preservatives.

Freshpet Recipes:

Freshpet cat food recipes are available in pâté (roll) and bag/pouch form and include their Vital Grain Free Chicken & Beef recipe, and Vital Grain Free Chicken.

Freshpet Pricing:

Cases of 8x Freshpet 1 lb cat food rolls are available from $39.92/case* from Chewy, while Freshpet cat food bags are available from $41.94* for a case of 6x 1 lb bags.

Free delivery to your door is available on orders over $49* via Chewy, with additional discounts available when selecting the auto-ship delivery method.

*All prices displayed above are correct at the time of publishing (but are subject to change).

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