20+ Gothic Cat Beds and Towers You and Fluffy Will Love

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Welcome to our dark and enchanting corner, where feline royalty and their mysterious ‘void’ personas unite in a gothic fantasy! If you’ve ever wondered how to pamper your precious whiskered companion while maintaining an eerie aesthetic, you’re in for a treat! Join us as we dive into a collection of over 20 gothic cat beds, trees and towers that promise to satisfy your furry friend’s regal instincts, all while adding an eerie allure to your home decor.

Cute and Spooky Gothic Cat Beds

From spooky coffin cat beds, to goth-themed window perches and cute (yet creepy!) gothic cat caves, check out these gothic-inspired cat beds below;

Above: Gothic Style Cat Bed
via Happy and Polly

Above: Wally Vampurrra Coffin Cat bed via Scratchy Things (Etsy)

Above: Gothic Cat Window Perch
via Imperfectly Perf Home (Etsy)

Above: Coffin Shaped Pet Bed Mat
 via Black Betty Atelier (Etsy)
(Multiple colors and sizes available)

Above: The Cat Cosy Coffin Bed
via Beastie Beds UK (Etsy)

Gothic Cat Beds - feat.  Gothic Cat Bed for Indoor Cats or Pets, Foldable Cat Halloween House 17x17x12.8, Includes Bat-Shaped Entry, Spider Toy, Scratch Pad, and Soft Cushion for Goth Cat, Black and Red Gothic Cat House

Above: Littlesy Gothic Cat Bed
via Amazon

Above: Tarot Flannel Pet Bed
via Black Ankh Design (Etsy)

Above: Felt Wool Cat Cave in Black
via Wolly Cat Caves (Etsy)

Above: Coffin Pet Bed
via Meser Makes (Etsy)

Above: Black Cat Hammock Window Cat Bed
 via Accessory Story (Etsy)

Above: Witch Craft Tarot Card Collection Pet Bed
via Haunted Pet Beds (Etsy)

Above: Witch Craft Tarot Card Cozy Kitty Bed
via Haunted Pet Beds (Etsy)

Cute and Spooky Gothic Cat Trees and Towers

For goth-themed cat trees and towers, check out these cute and spooky options;

Above: Gothic Style Cat Tree Tower
 via Happy and Polly, also available via Wayfair, and Amazon

Above: EDEN Wood Floral Cat Tree Tower via KBS Pets (Etsy)

Gothic Cat Trees - feat.  Gothic Cat Tree with Coffin Cat Bed & Spooky Cat Toys - Spooky cat Tree for Halloween cat (Large) Black and Red

Above: Littlesy Gothic Cat Tree with Coffin Cat Bed via Amazon (2 colors and sizes available)

Gothic Cat Trees - feat.  Gothic Cat Tree Realm - 51in Black Cat Tree with Regal Throne Bed, Spooky Hanging Toys and Durable Sisal Scratching Posts - Goth Cat Tree for Majestic Rest

Above: THROONI Gothic Cat Tree Tower via Amazon

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