14 Chic Woven, Rattan, and Wicker Cat Trees for Your Stylish Feline Friend

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Looking for a way to spoil your feline friend while keeping your home looking chic and stylish? Look no further than woven, rattan, and wicker cat trees! With their natural textures and neutral colors, these trendy and functional cat trees provide the perfect perch for your cat to relax, play, and observe their surroundings, all while blending seamlessly with your decor!

From cozy hideaways to towering perches, and everything in between, check out 14 chic woven, rattan, and wicker cat trees, right here!

Photo by Mariya via Pexels

14 Chic Woven, Rattan, and Wicker Cat Trees

From cozy hideaways to towering perches, and everything in between, check out 14 chic woven, rattan, and wicker cat trees below;


This cute cat tree features a cozy rattan cat house at the base and an open rattan basket for relaxing at the top level. It also features hand-wrapped natural sisal rope posts for scratching and a dangling ball toy for engaging solo play.

Image: Happy and Polly


This impressive modern cat tree from Mau Pets is almost entirely wrapped in sisal and features 4 comfy woven basket perches for relaxing. Perfect for cats of all sizes, this tree is also available as a 53″ unit with 3 baskets instead of 4. 

Image: The Mau Store


This chic neutral woven cat tree is made with 100% natural paper rope (+ sisal rope) and features a cozy fleece-lined hand-woven condo at the base and a basket perch at the top for lounging.

Image: Tucker Murphy pet


With 3 comfy woven perches to enjoy, this cat tree condo from Homary is perfect for climbing, jumping and napping! Each basket perch is also lined with a faux fur velvet cushion mat for added comfort.

Image: Homary


Another cute yet stylish cat tree from Happy and Polly, this time featuring 3 tiers and 2 comfy woven baskets for relaxing in style!

Image: Happy and Polly


This cat tree features 3 woven elements in the form of a rattan tunnel, basket perch and semi-enclosed rattan cat bed house/bed at the top of the tree.

Image: Happy and Polly


This stylish wicker cat tree features 2 cozy woven perches for relaxing, multiple sisal-wrapped posts for scratching, a carpeted platform for climbing, and a hanging rope + dangling ball toy for added playtime fun! 

Image: LukeMax


This contemporary cat tree is perfect for kittens and senior cats alike and features a stylish woven bowl and basket perch for lounging. It’s also available in 2 sizes and 2 colors.

Image: Archie and Oscar


Ideal for cats that love to climb, this multi-level cat tree tower features a stylish rattan cat house at the base as well as multiple perches for climbing, and a comfy open basket bed for relaxing.

Image: Affinity Pets


Simple yet sweet, this chic rattan cat tree features 3 sisal wrapped scratch posts, a comfy sofa-style perch at the top level and an enclosed rattan cat house at the base for retreating.

Image: Happy and Polly


This stylish cat tree features a neutral color palette to complement your decor as well as a cute woven play house and basket perch to relax in.

Image: Cutefornia


With 5 platforms and 3 scratching posts, this cat tree provides ample space for your cat to jump, climb, and scratch. It also features 2 woven basket perches for relaxing and a cozy woven cat house at the base for hiding.

Image: Arts and Crafts by Assaad


This cute cat tree is like a jungle gym for your cat! It’s made from eco-friendly rattan, hemp rope and wood for strength and stability. It also has a clear bowl for lounging.

Image: Serenity Seekers


Finally, this popular wicker cat tree from MidWest features a multi-tier design that allows your cat to choose from any number of places to relax, hide and play. It also features ball and bell toys to encourage engaging solo play – and looks nice, too!

Image: MidWest Feline

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