8 Space-Saving Stackable Litter Boxes for Multi-Cat Homes

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Short on space and looking to streamline the litter box setup in your multi-cat home? Stackable litter boxes might be the perfect solution for you! Specifically designed to maximize space utilization while providing comfort and cleanliness for your beloved kitties, check out 8 space-saving stackable litter boxes below and say goodbye to cluttered litter box corners for good!

Looking for stackable litter box options for your multi-cat home? Check out 8 space-saving litter boxes, right here!

Photo by Kari Shea via Unsplash

8 Space-Saving Stackable Litter Boxes

From budget-friendly boxes to handmade units, check out 8 space-saving stackable litter boxes perfect for multi-cat homes below;

Modern and unobtrusive, this stylish piece of cat furniture can accommodate up to 4 litter boxes when 2 units are stacked on top of each other. Perfect for multi-cat homes!

Image: Tucker Murphy Pet

Available in 5 stylish colors to suit just about any decor, this sleek stackable litter box enclosure is made from non-toxic eco zBoard and is super affordable, too.

Image: Archie and Oscar

This beautiful handmade 2-story litter box cabinet comfortably accomodates 2 litter boxes vertically, and is made from spruce wood. 5 colored finishes are available.

Image: PinkBau

Another stylish stackable litter box enclosure option from Tucker Murphy Pet. This design also features a hollow litter trap in the entry to prevent stray litter from making a mess on your floor.

Image: Tucker Murphy Pet

This affordable stackable litter box enclosure from GDLF is available in black, white, and gray/white, and also features a handy scratchpad litter catcher at the entrance.

Image: GDLF

Another generously sized stackable litter box enclosure in white from Tucker Murphy Pet, this time with added storage drawers to boot!

Image: Tucker Murphy Pet

This robust litter box unit is stylish and practical and can hold up to 192 lbs! It’s also stackable and is made from premium MDF board with waterproof and scratch-resistant paint.

Image: Costway

Finally, this budget-friendly stackable litter box enclosure features a modern minimal design and is available in both black and brown. 

Image: Dawnspaces

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