Honest Tuft and Paw Really Great Cat Litter Review

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Known for their stylish modern cat furniture, and chic feline accessories, Tuft and Paw’s latest product offering, Really Great Cat Litter (RGCL), makes a bold statement, but is it really as great as the name proclaims? Check out our honest Tuft and Paw Really Great Cat Litter review below to find out!

As a Tuft and Paw affiliate, we were kindly gifted a bag of RGCL to try – however, all thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are our own!

About Really Great Cat Litter (RGCL)

Created by cat people for really great cats, Really Great Cat Litter is a new subscription cat litter delivery service from Tuft and Paw. It’s made from soybean by-product, so is biodegradable, and comes with some pretty bold claims – all of which we’ll be honestly reviewing today!

Really Great Cat Litter claims:

  • Low tracking, and 99% dust-free
  • Outstandingly absorbent and fast-clumping
  • Eliminates odor on the spot
  • Flushable (disintegrates completely in water)
  • Fragrance-free with no dyes or harmful ingredients

Meet Our Product Tester (and Really Great Cat), Spock!

Meet our lovable moggy, Spock, chief product tester and litter kicker extraordinaire!

Honest Tuft and Paw Really Great Cat Litter Review - Feat. Spock, our product tester!

Name: Spock
Breed: Domestic shorthair
Neutered male
13 years young

Toxic litter box traits: Super stinky number twos, + serial litter kicker!

Tuft and Paw Really Great Cat Litter Review

You’ve read the marketing claims and met our tester, now check out our honest review!

Claims #1 and #2 – Low tracking, and 99% dust-free

Spock’s a digger and loves to make a mess of his litter, but when it came to tracking outside of the immediate litter box area, we’re pleased to confirm that there was none!

Granted, Spock did kick a little outside of the tray (which is normal for him), but that was the extent of it. No tracking through the house (yay!).

Oh, and we didn’t encounter any dust either! Win-win.

Claim #3 – Ultra-absorbent, and fast-clumping

Yep, can confirm that RGCL is an absorbent and fast-clumping litter! Clumps were hard and stayed mostly in one piece.

Once dry, we did notice that large clumps stuck to the bottom of the tray a little bit (so took a bit of muscle to scoop out), but once scooped, stayed together and were relatively easy to dispose of.

Claim #4 – Eliminates odor on the spot

Spock is known for his eye-watering stinky poops, which is why we were keen to test this claim – and let us tell you, we were not disappointed!

RGCL definitely lives up to its odor-eliminating claims. With odor-absorbing ingredients like corn starch and charcoal built-in, we’re super pleased to report that we couldn’t smell Spock’s litter box at all while using RGCL.

Claim #5 – Flushable (disintegrates completely in water)

This claim checks out too! Small clumps of RGCL can be safely flushed in a well-maintained septic system (in areas that allow it).

To test this claim prior to flushing, we added a cup of water to a ¼ cup of clean, unused litter to see what would happen, and it almost immediately disintegrated upon contact! Check out our pics below;

Testing Tuft and Paw Really Great Cat Litter in water

Claim #6 – Fragrance-free with no dyes or harmful ingredients

Finally, while the litter itself is free from harmful ingredients, dyes, and fragrances, it did have a faint, subtle smell of its own (possibly from the soybean fiber?), nothing artificial though, and certainly not overwhelming.

Ingredients listed on the bag include soybean fiber, corn starch, corn flour, guar gum, and charcoal.

Other things we liked about Really Great Cat Litter

In addition to ticking all the boxes when it came to tracking, dust, odor-control, and clumping ability, we also appreciated that RGCL was easy to carry, store and pour (the bag is resealable with a convenient carry handle, too).

Not only that, but we also loved that it was biodegradable and thoughtfully made, as well as long-lasting and lightweight.

Things we didn't like

To be honest there wasn’t really anything that we didn’t like about RGCL, but if we had to be picky and say something, it would probably be that urine can sometimes clump hard to the bottom of the tray which subsequently requires a bit of effort to remove. Not a deal-breaker by any means, however, it may pose a small problem for people that already struggle with scooping.

Where to buy Really Great Cat Litter

We hope you enjoyed our Really Great Cat Litter review! If you’re interested in trying it out for yourself, you can purchase RGCL via subscription online from Tuft and Paw starting at $29 per month.

FREE DELIVERY is available on all cat litter subscriptions!